Real Preperie: Rishi’s Bubbles & Bow Ties Pt. 1

Last fall, I designed a dapper event suite for a good friend: Bubbles & Bow Ties. What a unique and fun combination, I thought when she told me the theme.

The graphics included a printed invitation:Bubbles & Bowties Birthday Invitation |

A Birthday Banner:Bubbles & Bowties Birthday Banner |

And a First-Birthday Stats Board. Bubbles & Bowties First Birthday Chalkboard Stats Board|

The theme was a collaboration between my friend and her girlfriend. Based on her southern background, she knew it would involve bow ties, which inspired the Southern Gentleman theme.  Rishi, her son, loves bubbles (what kid doesn’t, and they’re so great for their development!), so those made the perfect parting gift.  The colors were inspired by the downtown streets of Charleston, South Carolina, where the homes and buildings come together in a stunning array of rich pastels. PERFECTION.

When my friend contacted me about the party, she sent me the colors she had in mind, as well as the other decor pieces she was already planning to use so I could get a sense of how everything would come together. It was so helpful and made me even more excited to design all the materials for her! I had so much fun designing the whole suite, including the different bow ties. I came up with so many combinations, and she chose a “pinstripe” design, which is so fitting for this dynamic Southern mama who never ceases to amaze me.

What do you think of this theme? Would you use it at an upcoming party?

Stay tuned next week for her mouth-watering menu and pictures from the party!

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