Be Mine: A Valentine-Inspired Design & Mini Craft Project

I feel like I say this about every holiday, but Valentine’s Day really is one of my favorite holidays – maybe it’s all the pink, maybe because I love giving and receiving Valentine’s. I dressed up as Cupid for Halloween in college. Before she even turned one, my daughter was already an angel AND cupid (I’m a sucker for winged costumes). I’m sensing a pattern here . . .

In honor of the holiday, I designed this sweet invitation set below. There’s a photo version . . .

Conversation Heart Valentine Photo Invitation |

and simpler pink and red stripes.

Conversation Heart Valentine Invitation |

I can’t believe the pictures from this photo session were only a year ago. My husband was out of town for the weekend, so my daughter and I had a photo session at our little apartment. My favorites are below.

Baby Valentine Photos

I used the photos for bookmark valentines we sent to our family last year, which were quite a hit. I designed them, but anyone could lay them out in MSWord. FedEx printed them, then I cut them out and glued them to cardstock.

Baby Valentine Bookmarks |

Not sure what I’ll be doing this year. It’s quickly approaching, too!!

Any thoughts? Are you planning on making Valentines for your loved ones or hosting a Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) party?

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3 thoughts on “Be Mine: A Valentine-Inspired Design & Mini Craft Project

      1. Awww! I understand completely. The design concept is what matters. I was thinking of possibly throwing a ‘galentines day’ party. Do you happen to have invites designed for something like that on your Etsy shop?


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