Combination Housewarming & Baby Shower

Happy 2 days before the weekend! Recently my good friend asked me if I would be willing to design the invitation for her upcoming joint Baby Shower and Housewarming party. She and her husband just bought a house this summer and they’re expecting a new addition in the form of a heart beat and little feet in December.

Of course I told her I would love to! (I’d actually been working on something already…always the planner. I love that Preperie allows me to be creative and do something I love. It really is so rewarding.) Anyways…I thought LONG and hard how to convey the idea of their new house and a new baby. Surprisingly, a Google search doesn’t turn up very much.

I decided to create a drawing of her house as part of the invitation so they would have a memento of this major milestone for their family. Here’s a picture of their house. Isn’t it lovely?

Joint Housewarming Baby Shower Invitation |

During the design process, I first “drew” a vector image of their house in Adobe Illustrator. Then I drew a couple different storks (1 version had him flying to the house. In another he was standing in front of it). Then I designed the invitation, keeping in mind their gender neutral request as it’s going to be a surprise. (I could never do that, but again, always the planner…) Then the parents-to-be and I had a Google hangout where we revised the background and text live. It was so efficient to be able to do this rather than going back and forth via email making small changes. The hands-on experience was also fun for them and we got to catch up and talk babies and parenting.

Here’s the finished invitation:

Joint Housewarming Baby Shower Invitation |

Isn’t it cute? I’m really pleased with the way the invitation turned out. Most importantly, it allowed me the opportunity to give my dear friends a special, one-of-a-kind way to begin this journey in their new home with their growing family.

These invitations have been very popular in the Etsy Shop. Click here to view the listing.

Have you been to combination baby showers and housewarming parties? How were they able to incorporate both events together?

Have a great rest of the week!

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2 thoughts on “Combination Housewarming & Baby Shower

  1. This is so sweet! I have never been to a housewarming and a baby shower together but I think its a lovely idea. A wonderful way to bring everyone together and celebrate the home and a new addition to the family! ❤ The invitations are darling. I'm not sure when we plan on having our next little one but when we do I would love to use you for the invites! Do you always do custom made or was this just a special occassion?


  2. Thanks so much, Reanna! It warms my heart to hear this! I’d love to get to know you better and work with you! I’ve done quite a few custom designs for my friends over the years (weddings, showers, etc.) Most of stuff I create for Preperie is personalized based on existing designs, but often times someone will see something in the Preperie shop and ask me to re-design it for them to fit their specific needs, which is great, too! Designing from scratch, while more time-consuming, is nice because it polishes my design skills or gives me the opportunity to learn something new.


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