Tis the Season: Whimsical Red & Green Stag Holiday Designs

Happy December! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The last and final holiday of the year is only 3 weeks away. Are you ready?

A few posts ago I announced that holiday designs had arrived in the Etsy shop. I loved the contemporary look of those designs and they’ve been quite popular. Equally as popular (I can’t decide if I’m surprised by this), are these designs below, which are on the more youthful side:

Red & Green-15

There are red stripes, green stripes, and candy cane stripes! View the options in the Etsy Shop.

I really love how anything can look happy and festive with a candy apple red and Kelly green. Of course, we have the reindeer, which is growing more popular with the rise of “rustic” decor. Of course I put together a Pinterest board inspired by this color scheme.

Wow. I REALLY can’t wait for Christmas!

Which ones do you like the most? Do you choose a color scheme for your decorations? Classic, contemporary, or rustic? 23 days left!

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