How to Host an Ombré Party: Ch. 10 – How to Make a Streamer Canopy

Welcome to Chapter 10 in our blog mini-series: How to Host an Ombré Party. If you’re just tuning in, this is a series of posts on different elements I used at my daughter’s ombre inspired first birthday party. Today’s post continues our decor section of the series.

How to Make a Streamer Canopy in 3 Simple Steps |

I love decor and had a lot of decor elements at the party I’m not even covering in this mini-series. I realized when we were setting everything up, I’m used to designing decor for larger spaces based on my career as an event planner. Some of the guests might have thought I went a little overboard with the decor, but I really enjoyed putting everything together. AND, I get to tell you all about it so you can benefit from my event planning craziness.

The streamer canopy was one of my favorite parts of the party. It wasn’t as simple as the streamer backdrop and definitely make sure you’re okay (and your husband’s okay, if that applies!) with putting nails in your wall before you do this. With that said, it was actually quite fun to do! The beginning of this process is quite similar to the Streamer Wall tutorial in last week’s post.


Ladder (2 preferably)
Hammer & Nails and/or Jumbo Command Hooks *



Using a ruler, make two marks on opposite ends of the wall where you will hang your secure your hooks. Depending on how long your streamer wall will be, you might need a third anchor to help support the anchors on the ends.  Following the package instructions, adhere the Command Hooks to the wall according to your ruler marks and leave them for 24 hours. DON’T HANG ANYTHING ON THEM. (Or you can just hammer a nail into the wall.)

Tie your twine to the Command hooks (nails). Don’t leave slack in the twine as the weight of the streamers will already cause the twine to sag. We ended up nailing the Command Hooks to the wall because they kept coming out of the wall even though we waited the requisite 24 hours.

Repeat the above for the second wall opposite of the first wall. Your streamers will form a bridge between the two pieces of twine.

See last week’s post How to Hang a Streamer Wall for additional pictures on Step 1 above and Step 2 below.

Measure the distance between both walls and how long you want the streamer to hang over each piece of twine. Cut your strands using your first strand as a guideline.The fastest way to unroll the streamer roll was to roll it along the floor back and forth between between 2 people that were sitting the desired distance from each other.

How to Make a Streamer Wall Step 2 |


For this step, it’s fastest if two people stand at each wall and a third person walks back and forth handing them the streamers. (See my happy sister and husband below? I told you we enjoyed it!)

Streamer Canopy Step 3a |

Starting with Wall A, drape your streamer over the twine and tie a loose knot around the twine and allow the rest to drape down. Then, take the longer piece of streamer and drape it across the twine on Wall B, tying a second loose knot around the twine. After you’ve done several, the streamers will look like those pictured below.

Streamer Canopy Step 3b |

Continue this process until you’ve hung all your streamers. Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Streamer Canopy |

And here are the Before and After photos. Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Streamer Canopy Ceiling

Everyone loved this at the party and to be honest, we kept it up for a few days (until it started to fall). It really transformed the space.

What do you think? Any questions or suggestions for others on how to make this?

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