How to Host an Ombré Party: Ch. 9 – How to Make a Streamer Wall Backdrop in 3 Simple Steps

Happy Friday! This post begins the decor section of our Prep School Mini-Series: How to Host an Ombré Party. Today we learn how to make the streamer wall backdrop.

How To Make a Streamer Wall |

One of the first things I decided I want to do to coordinate with the ombré party theme was a streamer wall as background for the buffet table. What better way to illustrate the party theme than with streamers? I thought long and hard about the best way to execute this before actually doing it and hope you benefit from my ruminations. It wasn’t that hard and can definitely be accomplished by one person. (Note: there are probably a million ways to accomplish this but this way worked for me and I had no stress that the wall would fall.)


Hammer & Nails and/or Jumbo Command Hooks *


*Hopefully you have some beams or windows to which you can tie the twine that the streamers will rest on, but if you don’t, like I didn’t, this is your back-up.

Using a ruler, make two marks on opposite ends of the wall where you will hang your secure your hooks. Depending on how long your streamer wall will be, you might need a third anchor to help support the anchors on the ends.  Following the package instructions, adhere the Command Hooks to the wall according to your ruler marks and leave them for 24 hours. DON’T HANG ANYTHING ON THEM.

Tie your twine to the Command hooks. Don’t leave slack in the twine as the weight of the streamers will already cause the twine to sag. We ended up nailing the Command Hooks to the wall because they kept coming out of the wall even though we waited the requisite 24 hours.

How to Make a Streamer Wall Step 1 |

Loosely measure the distance between the twine to the floor or table. Double that distance in order to know how long each streamer strand should be. I had 20 strands of each color (80 strands total) for a 10 foot wall. Cut your strands using your first strand as a guideline. I didn’t make all my streamers the exact same length to give the wall a softer, less rigid look. Also, the fastest way to unravel the streamer roll was to roll it along the floor back and forth between between 2 people that were sitting the desired distance. Do this for each color.

How to Make a Streamer Wall Step 2 |

Drape your streamers over the twine. It’s fastest if one person stands on a stool or ladder while the other person hands them the streamers.

How to Make a Streamer Wall-14How to Make a Streamer Wall Step 3 |
To prevent any surprises or disasters, I recommend doing this a day in advance (starting 2 days in advance if you’re using the Command hooks) if possible to test the strength of the twine and hook and nails. My streamer wall kept falling because I only used flimsy Command hooks that were meant for supporting 1 lb. Surprisingly, those streamers get heavy!

And voila!

How To Make a Streamer Wall |

A closeup:

Streamer Wall Close-up |

Let’s take a look at the Before and After. . .

Streamer Wall Background Tutorial |


It looked so much better in person and added a festive feeling to the room.

Streamer Wall Background Tutorial |

Streamer Wall Background How-to |

What do you think? Have you done something like this before? Any tips? Should I have done something differently?

And in case you missed it, check out this post introducing the Prep School Mini-Series: How to Host an Ombré Party.

What do you think? Will you be trying anything like this at a future party? In next week’s post, I discuss how to make the streamer canopy! That was a bit tougher but so worth it.

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