P is for Preppy Polo Party

Happy Friday and back to school for those in school! When I worked full-time as an event consultant, one of the events I executed was a fall luncheon and polo match in the Virginia countryside for the National Sporting Library & Museum. I loved the bucolic setting and beautiful animals. As fall drew near, I became nostalgic for that event and decided to create this polo match-inspired event suite. I used bright colors because, historically, polo players wore light colors to avoid overheating in the warm sun. Fun fact: Did you know Brooks Brothers designed the button-down collar specifically for polo players? [Source: www.polo101.com] The event suite is now ready in the Preperie Etsy shop. I hope you like it!

The suite can be customized and, as always, there are instant download options and templates for the design-savvy:

Invitations or Menus
Pink, Blue, Green Polo and Horseshoe Invitations | preperie.etsy.com
Banners or Bunting for Birthdays or Showers 

Pink Polo Birthday Banner | preperie.etsy.com

Green Polo Birthday Banner | preperie.etsy.com

Blue Polo Birthday Banner | preperie.etsy.com

Navy, Green, Pink Polo and Horse Banner | preperie.etsy.com

Coordinating Monthly Photo BannerPink Polo Monthly Photo Banner | preperie.etsy.comGreen Polo Monthly Picture Banner | preperie.etsy.com

Digital Templates for the Design-Savvy (or not)Polo and Horseshoe Stationery Template Background | preperie.etsy.com

You can find the full Polo event suite in the Etsy shop.

There was some healthy debate on Facebook about which colors to use, but pink and green with blue won out.

So what do you think? Do you prefer the green or pink version?  Horseshoes or polo riders? I think these would also make a lovely stationery background!

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