Party Preview: Isla’s First Birthday Menu

It’s Isla’s birthday week!  I am busy getting everything ready for it but didn’t want to forget about you all. Today’s post will be a sneak peek at what I’m cooking up (get it?) for it.  If you read this previous post, you know that the theme is loosely inspired by ombré and a sunset/sunrise. First up, the menu:

Sunset Party Menu |

Normally I don’t include the color palette in menu planning posts, but it was a strong influence on what I decided to serve, so I included it. I wanted to keep the fare light as it’s a casual, afternoon event – can’t be stuffy with a 1-year old birthday girl crawling around. There will be fruit kabobs, the birthday girl’s smash cake, cupcakes, some delicious cheeses and fruity, spirited drinks: Champagne Sunrise cocktails and Strawberry Agua Fresca (non-alcoholic). We’ll see if I get inspired to add anything else. .

Ahh!! I can’t believe our little lady is one year old! For live pics from the party, follow me on Instagram.

Have you planned a sunrise/sunset inspired party? Anything you think that I can’t pass up that I could still add last-minute? Thursday’s post will be a preview of the decor. Talk to you then – or before if you leave me love in the comments 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Party Preview: Isla’s First Birthday Menu

  1. The menu sounds delicious, and I love the thinking – and color theory – behind it! I hope your birthday girl has a wonderful day. I’m so excited to see the decor!


  2. Thanks so much, Bella! I had a lot of fun thinking of what I wanted to serve that would be appropriate. am really excited to eat the food and even more excited to share the pics once the dust has settled! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get to see tons of pics before the blog post comes out! Have a nice night!


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