Poll: Preppy Polo Party

This week you all are getting an extra post from me. I’ve shifted to posting regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ve already scheduled those 2 posts this week as it’s Isla’s birthday week, but I’m currently working on an event design suite and can’t decide on the colors and am turning to you, kind readers.

If you were planning a preppy, polo-inspired party (e.g. a baby shower or birthday), which color scheme would you want to use?

Polo Party Invite | preperie.com

And here are the possible coordinating banners (the possibilities are endless). They’re so fun, it’s hard to choose!Polo Party Banner | preperie.com

I’ve already received a vote for pink and blue. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE pink and blue together, but I’m afraid I’d be limiting myself to only girls’ parties. (Boys need to be more comfortable with pink these days, but that’s another blog post…).

What do you think? Light blue, pink, Kelly green, yellow? A different combination altogether? Let me know in the comments!

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