New Event Suite: A Whale of a Time

I’m a frugal Mom, but I still like my little girl to look cute. Usually I stick with pink and blue combinations from Carter’s. (You know this is a fave combo if you follow me on Instagram). However, I sometimes try to buy gender neutral stuff in case I need to sell / give it away in the future OR we have another one and our Little Lady has a little brother. I bought these whale pajamas because they were a great preppy, neutral buy (yes, they were in the boys section, but I didn’t care), and they’re the inspiration for the next event suite. Here’s a sneak peek:

Aqua and Navy Whale Invitation |

Aqua and Navy Whale Banner |

In the future, I fully intend on making a girl-centric version. (Is there a color that doesn’t look good with pink?)

Aqua and Pink Whale Invitation |

But since I just made a pink and green watermelon suite, I thought I’d give the boys some love (not that boys can’t wear pink, but let’s not go there).

If you want to participate in the design process next time, follow me on Instagram. I couldn’t decide the color combination and needed help. Stayed tuned for some upcoming posts on how else to prepare for a whale party!

Thoughts for my next suite? Let me know in the comments! I’m working on bow ties at the moment but really want to do some sail boats . . .


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