3 Questions to Answer Before Designing a Monogram or Logo

Recently I designed a wedding monogram for a good friend. Prior to starting, I asked her questions to get an idea of what direction I should take. She didn’t have any idea as to what she wanted, which was fun because I could do whatever I wanted, but also challenging. After we finalized the design, she was super excited but she still didn’t know where to use it. As the wedding drew near, she realized the design didn’t work well with where she wanted to use her monogram, so we had to redesign it. I was happy to make the changes, but a normal designer would have charged to make such revisions. Not to mention, she was low on time and had to pay rush shipping for her printing.

Learn from her process and answer these questions before designing your next event monogram or logo.

Know the Answer to These 3 Questions Before Designing a Monogram to Save Time and Headache Down the Road | preperie.wordpress.com

1) What do we want to accomplish with it? Like with all event planning, a primary question I ask is, “What is the goal?”  Do I want the monogram to:

  • Reinforce an overall theme of the weekend?
  •  Brings cohesion to the decor through colors and fonts?
  • Celebrate a milestone?

The answers to these questions will give direction to what elements you will want to highlight or include in the monogram.

2) Where will I use it? Monograms and logos appear in a number of places:

  • Gift Bags
  • Stationery
  • Cocktail Napkins (e.g. at a Rehearsal Dinner and at a Wedding Reception)
  • Programs
  • Signage (on buses, at a welcome reception, on a directional, etc.)

The monogram or logo’s layout on most of these materials may not matter, but at other times it can really screw with it. For example, if you are going to display it on cocktail napkins, will you need 2 or more colors to print it? Many cocktail napkins are 1 color because it’s more economical and it’s trickier to do more than 1 color if printing in foil because it’s hard to get differentiation.  If the monogram will appear on the favors, know how you plan to package the favors and how you will include the monogram or logo. Will it be a sticker on a square or rectangular box? Will it be a round sticker on top of cellophane? Or will it be printed on a gift tag secured with ribbon? Make sure the shape of the monogram or logo (round, rectangular, square or something else) is compatible with where you’re going to place it.

3) If it’s for a wedding, when will I use it — before the ceremony, afterward, or both?

Tradition (if you care) dictates that the groom’s last name or initial not be incorporated until after the ceremony when the bride has officially taken his name. Thus, if you’re going to use it on Out-of-Town gift bags guests receive when they arrive, you need a monogram that either doesn’t include the groom’s last name or isn’t negatively impacted if you exclude it in one version.

Monograms and logos come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Be sure you know what you want to accomplish with it before you begin designing and you will save so much time and headache down the road. What did you choose for your monogram or logo and why?


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