Prep-aring to Launch Step 3: Organize Yourself

Last week I defined the purpose and mission of Prep. This week I got organized. I made a task list / timeline for all I want and need to do before launching the Prep Etsy shop. I. HEART. SPREADSHEETS. I even mention that in my bio I love them so much. Putting together everything brought me back to my event planning days and made me feel like I had “come home” in a way. Just like defining my mission helped me focus what I wanted to do, compiling this timeline gathered all my ideas in one place. Before, I had thoughts like, “I need to do X. But I should also do Y. Oh, but what about Z? Did I forget to move the laundry? Wait, what was I doing?” I wasn’t organized and I worried I’d forget something.

And this is how I got my *i$h together.

How I Organized Before I Launched on Etsy
How I Organized Before I Launched on Etsy |

Step 1:  I put all my random thoughts and ideas in a list (Excel, naturally). It was like a stream of conscious. Just a big ol’ data dump.

Step 2: I arranged the tasks in an order that flowed and made sense logically. For example, I categorized the different items I wanted to sell in the shop. Then I wrote descriptions for the different products. Then I decided the order I would list the items.

Step 3: I looked at the calendar and thought realistically how long each task would take. I even decided on a shop launch date (or the week it would happen at least)! After seeing I had 3 weddings in 4 weeks, I realized I wanted to launch the shop BEFORE the craziness  fun began so I could spread the word at the weddings! It’ll be great for conversation with all those people that hear I’m not returning to work to take care of our daughter and ask, “So…what do you all day?” (As if 8 months old are completely independent, but I digress…)

Step 4: I started an editorial calendar for the blog and a product release timeline for the shop. I was on a roll and it felt good.

Now, whenever I think of something else I need to do, I have a place to record it and decide the priority level. The timeline is also a great motivator because:

  1. Marking things off as “Complete” feels awesome and makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing things.
  2. When I lose my concentration and start to stare out the window, it reminds me of the many other things I can do if I need a break from my current task.

The exercise also reminded me of the administrative stuff I should do before launching the shop, which leads to more administrative tasks. The list keeps getting longer, but I’m getting my ducks in a row, which takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. AmIRight? You know I am!

What tools do you use to get organized? Do you use Excel? Write everything in a notebook? Keep everything in OneNote? Speaking of getting organized, next week I’ll talk about financial record keeping. More spreadsheets! Hooray!


What do you think?

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