Prep-aring to Launch Step 2: Define Yourself

Last week I mentioned that I was worWho Am Iking on my business plan. Well, I refined my mission, which led me to update my bio on my About Me page. Though I was dreading it, it forced gave me the opportunity to really focus what I want to do with Preperie. The mission of Preperie is as follows:

“Provide readers and clients with event planning wisdom and print products that help others spend more time with their families while hosting memorable events, including instantly downloadable and customizable digital  graphics.”

I’m sure this will evolve over time, but I tried to keep it specific but general enough that it can change  organically as needed. I had already started this a while ago, so it probably should have been Step 1, but I found that giving myself time to start designing and creating helped me see where I wanted to go with this.

What has your process been like when launching a small business? Did it come naturally? Did you know instantly what you were going to do? Or did it take more time?


What do you think?

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