Prep-aring to Launch Step 1: Write a Blog About Your Work

Hello out there! If you read any of my bio, you would know that I’m in the process of launching an Etsy shop. However, I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s scary! I read this great article on Handmadeology, which has been great getting organized, but made me realize there is a TON to do. Add the housework and keeping up with an almost 8-month old, and it’s overwhelming.  So I’m going to write a “listicle” with the reasons why I’m doing this to remind myself for the future.

  1. My daughter. She’s amazing and this venture is going to allow me to spend more time with her while having a flexible work schedule (or I hope so!).
  2. Mommy needs a creative outlet to balance the housework
  3. I LOVE playing with fonts, design, and layout, so it’s not really work.
  4. I miss planning events. I want to be able to give back and help others with their special moments.
  5. I want to live the Preperie life [smart shortcuts that allow us to celebrate and relish life’s special events]

Now I’m off to work on my mission statement… I should take some of my advice and figure out a way to prep these posts faster and more efficiently.

For all the “work-at-home” moms and dads, how do you stay organized and on top of everything?

PS – I love puns. Don’t be surprised if I drop some on you via post. Feel free to send them my way!


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